At BNO we’re honored to work with many wonderful clients. And when clients do wonderful things they tend to find new and exciting opportunities more quickly. Sure, saying goodbye to a client we’ve worked closely with can be bittersweet. But having the chance to collaborate with someone who inspires others to achieve more is certainly an uncommon privilege.

Yael began working with Talent Acquisition at Johnson & Johnson at a time when the brand we were developing needed a champion to help realize its full potential. And as part of an organization striving to work with a more global mindset, developing new ways of collaborating on a global scale required not only marketing savvy, but an energy born of passion. A true belief in one’s purpose.

In recruiting the best and the brightest, a high-potential candidate’s decision to invest a substantial portion of their career with a company is not an easy one. And when it comes to an employer brand, the brand promise is only as good as its reality. If the candidate’s experience falls short when they walk in the door, you’ve failed.

There’s a special type of person that’s attracted to J&J’s corporate culture. It’s not the kind of place where money is the primary motivator. But what it can provide in the way of personal satisfaction for helping others cannot be matched. This is a culture of people who look beyond personal gain towards a greater good. That’s who they are. And that’s who Yael is.

Yael has been a champion of J&J’s BE VITAL employer brand because she identifies with the message. She understands the type of person it speaks to because she is one.

When Yael announced her plan to move on to another position within J&J, it was hard for those of us who worked closely with her, but we understood. As a marketer she expressed the fact that “if we don’t take on new challenges, we don’t grow.” And this is also a philosophy shared by many of her colleagues.

We will miss you, Yael! But we know the work we’ve accomplished together will serve to attract others like you to J&J. And that was and will remain our purpose.

Best of luck from all your friends at BNO.

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